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Welcome Blanca, our new VET student from Spain

Hello! I am Blanca from Spain (Barcelona), currently staying in Macedonia, living an amazing life, enjoying the benefits this country offers and discovering new cultures and a new way of living for the very first time, learning to live by myself and with my Erasmus classmates whom I have just met when I came here.

I feel very lucky and privileged for this opportunity, to experience all I want, at my young age, right now, to discover the world by new cultures, people, languages, to improve my skills in different fields, and many other things that create the life experience, to be a more complete person.

After this experience, I expect to continue traveling and discovering the world that we live in, along with discovering new parts of myself, how I deal with new situations that occur.

I want to encourage everyone to join some projects like this. I think it is important to gain and share new experiences, different points of view, of different countries and learn about a culture that you have never seen before, for evolving as a human being. I feel that everyone should learn to live unattached, in order to learn the best of life and the people we meet, to be a more complete person, to connect with the world and nature in which we live, and learn how to respect.

I hope my article will inspire someone to truly find a path to follow in their lives and be able to make their own decisions, with all the possible knowledge of the world around them. Be wise and seek for knowledge, `cause knowledge is power, freedom, evolution…

Blanca Del Arco Ciquerella