We care about our environment.

The importance of taking care of our environment is one of the key things our organization cares about. We are doing different cleaning actions and writing and implementing environmental projects in Macedonia, which are aiming towards awareness among the locals about their surroundings. We don’t want to see the trash in nature and in the streets. Do you?


We are cooperating with Pakomak and Elkolekt to recycle our trash and electronic waste.


Spreading awareness among young people, together with Za Pochista Makedonija.


Making the right choices to live more green in our office - saying no to single-use plastic!

Za Pochista Makedonija

Don’t look for a role model, be one!

We are closely cooperating with Za Pochista Makedonija, an eco-movement that was created as a part of our KA3 project by the young activist Petar Stevanović. 

ZPM focuses on motivating youngsters to take action all around Macedonia, by doing different actions and projects in the environmental section. It aims towards a clean environment and to show examples of an eco-friendly lifestyle.

With Za Pochista Makedonija, we organize different clean-up actions and projects in Skopje. Join the group of Greenfluencers and take part in changing your society! Visit their page for more information about the actions, read some tips on how you can live more eco-friendly, organize your own actions…

Our office aims to be as green as possible; therefore we are recycling through Pakomak. Our staff members, volunteers and friends separate their plastics, metals, cardboard and paper trash and bring them to the containers in our office.

Electronic waste should never end up in a normal trash bin. We are collecting different electronic waste in our office to recycle them through Elkolekt; old computers, water boilers, batteries…