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Welcome back, Lucile!

Hi everyone! I’m Lucile from Brittany – as you already know, the best region in France! (you can read my article in the December 2020 edition of VOICES).

I already had the opportunity to participate in a two-month European Solidarity Corps project at Volunteers Centre Skopje last year. VCS people’s enthusiasm and dedication are really contagious and gave me good vibes. During these two months, I discovered a new passion that has influenced my decisions about my future.

I decided to come back to Skopje to get a deeper immersion into Macedonian culture. I think European Solidarity Corps is a great opportunity offered to young people to discover a new culture and meet people from different backgrounds for free. During my 12-month project, I’m willing to contribute to VOICES magazine – of course! – to share knowledge but also help the local community, especially with environmental awareness. I’m very sensitive to environment-related issues and global economic inequalities.

Macedonia is a lovely country with lots to explore, along with its friendly people, natural surrounds, food, and culture. I have always preferred to go off the beaten track, and Macedonia is adding up to the list of countries I have lived, studied, and worked in: Brazil, China, India, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Living in developing countries has made me realize how advantaged I am and how little one needs to survive. That’s why I am contemplating adopting more of a minimalist lifestyle: “Live simply so that others simply live” (Mahatma Gandhi).

Lucile Guéguen