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Round Tables in Shtip and Bitola

Volunteers Centre Skopje has successfully organized and realized 2 Round Tables with working title: “Raising Public & Private sector awareness on the relevance of Work-based learning”, for the Eastern and Pelagonia regions. The Round Tables, 28th in Shtip and 30th November in Bitola, besides the school coordinators, also brought together representatives of the VET schools, business sector and the local government.

“Work-based learning is the best way to gain skills that are necessity for the business sector” as national experts that lead the Round Tables, Dr. Sonja Ristovska and Mag. Chedomir Dimovski agree,

The project “Quality assurance for the work of the Business Liaison Coordinators” is funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of education, science and research, in collaboration with the Macedonian Ministry of education and science and the Center for vocational education and Training. This regional project is in coordination with the OEAD agency for education and internationalism from Austria and it includes Kosovo and Albania as well.

Volunteers Centre Skopje as a partner organization through the years is responsible for the local logistical support and successful implementation in Macedonia.


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