Ви објавуваме повик за Едно слободно место за ЕВС волонтер од Македонија, на проект со наслов”Media and communication” Hang-Kép Egyesület, Sound-Picture Association во Дебречен, Унгарија времетраење од 12 месеци (15.05.2018-14.05.2019).

Детали за проектот во “Media and communication”:

The volunteers will be working with the members of the association in taking photos, preparing short videos, animations on youth and cultural activities. They will be involved in the different stages of the work depending on their interests and skills. Personal training will be provided to learn these skills. The volunteers will actively participate in the trainings of the communication courses that are organized for high school and university students and to youth workers. These are team building, public speech training, photography courses. The volunteers will be working with local youth teams, communicating different issues to other young people and to the members of the local community. These actions also include the promotion of the Erasmus+ Program and the EVS itself. Every Monday there is a staff meeting where the activities of the week will be jointly discussed, deadlines will be set and feedback will be given. Working hrs 9-17 (lunch: 13.00-14.30) – flexible based on tasks.

Доколку сте заинтересирани да бидете волонтер на горенаведените проекти ве замолуваме да ни испратите ваша биографија на англиски јазик на нашата мејл адреса: vcs_contact@yahoo.com, најдоцна до Недела 06 МАЈ 2018 година!

Во очекување сме на вашите пријави.

Со Почит,
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