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VOICES August 2021

“Our human compassion binds us the one to the other.”

As floods and wildfires are taking place in European countries, we are once again facing big challenges as a society. Let’s also not forget that we are still going through a pandemic. Everything is more difficult for us, but things are even more difficult for blind and visually impaired people.What gives hope during a crisis is compassion and the willingness from people to help. Compassion is also necessary for mental health.

On the lighter side, this year’s summer is full of exciting events, from local festivals like the Cinedays European Film Festival to events that the whole world is following. The Olympics in Tokyo brought a joyful message to Macedonia: For the first time in history, Dejan Georgievski won Macedonia a silver medal in Taekwondo!

What about the space? Is the sky still the limit? Elon Musk’s projects are coming to an end. In this edition, you can read about Starlink – a satellite internet service that can send internet to any place on Earth. Do you want to hear more exciting news? Starship spacecraft is preparing to be launched into orbit for the first time this month. Can a permanent human presence be established on Mars? We are about to find out!

With all that in mind, don’t forget to be aware of the summer heat! Protect yourself from the midday sun, always take water with you and take care! And of course: Enjoy our newest edition of VOICES!

Clarissa Leute

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