This is not the end, this is just the beginning by Ramona Sanigová

I will never forget how it all started. I decided to come through Albania and I have to say it was a good decision because after that experience nothing could ever surprise me anymore. I took a minivan and everything looked normal until the moment when my friend left me inside alone. There were too many passengers so the driver took some chairs and put them in the small corridor of the bus so all the people could sit. During the way we stopped often in few villages to say hi to the driver’s friends and sometimes there were no roads. No sleep. At 4 am we finally arrived to Skopje! After such a long ride, I was finally relieved that I’m here. But this doesn’t look like a bus station! Where am I? Nobody was able to explain to me what is going on and I had to get out. Fortunately some Bulgarian girls shared a taxi with me to the bus station where my new bosses were waiting for me with a fear in their eyes. And this was just the beginning.

It took me some time to get used to the Macedonian life. The biggest issue was the time – it doesn’t exist here! I didn’t understand why we always start 15 to 40 min later, why there are horses on the streets, why I cannot buy strawberries in September, why there is no bus schedule on the bus stop and where is actually the bus stop? All these small things felt like back in time for me, but now, those will be the things I will miss the most. No stress, no rush, take it easy and enjoy the moment.  I couldn’t choose a better country and better city for my life changing EVS experience. But what I am thankful for the most is the organization. VCS gave me all I needed. I grew so much thanks to their help and big support. I got an opportunity to learn everything I wanted and even things I would never think of. It was a great time and it makes me happy to know that I shared my experiences, worked hard and was there – at the right place.  I am glad that there is something I will leave behind – the map of Skopje. My small idea became a big project which included both the locals and EVS volunteers and I could put in all I have learnt during those 9 months.

Thanks for everything and especially for chance that lead me here. But now, I have to go back to my dear friends, to say goodbye, to finish this chapter of my life to make space for a new one. Luckily I have a great plan – travelling – 3 months with my amazing friend on a journey called “Ramino” around the Europe. Keep in touch and see you maybe!