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Real information or flashy titles?  

Volunteers Center Skopje continues with the activities related to the project “Towards Effective Humanitarian Volunteering” – TEHV. On September 20, an online training was held on the role of the media, ethics, and communication criteria, skills more than needed in today’s society. Through theoretical training with a special emphasis on EUAV communication objectives, and practical exercises in working groups, we strengthen our capacities and gain knowledge in the field of media and the ways in which various news and activities are presented. We were provided with models for creating texts, as well as techniques and ways to use photos. We also practiced how to prepare an interview depending on the nature of the medium. We also worked on recognizing fake news as well as abusing and manipulating photos and text depending on the context and the purpose.

With this training, we are already entering the second phase of this project whose main goal of the TEHV project is training for certification of organizations for the EU Aid Volunteers program, which aims to provide practical support to humanitarian aid efforts and to contribute to the strengthening of local facilities in countries affected by natural disasters. In this second part of the project, many fields will be touched upon, primarily for the visibility and dissemination of such projects as well as the work of the Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations. With this project, VCS continues its active participation in humanitarian actions and projects wherever there is a need and through practical activities, but also through training and coaching increases the awareness of the humanism of young people and all those who have a desire to volunteer and help.

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