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Kozjak free from cans and bottles

The beautiful nature at the lake Kozjak near Skopje shone with all its splendor. On Saturday several dozen enthusiasts cleaned it from the garbage that burdened this picnic place. In the three hours that the action lasted, about 130 bags of garbage were collected, mostly plastic bottles, cans, paper and food scraps.

“The action was more than successful, but our main goal is to raise awareness among people about preserving nature and maintaining a clean environment,” said Petar Stevanovic, leader of the informal group “За почиста Македонија” (“For a Cleaner Macedonia”).

Their activities are part of the project “European Youth at the frontlines of active citizenship: A Roadmap towards a collective South-North-East-West momentum”, organized by Volunteers Centre Skopje, and supported by the European Commission through the programs Erasmus+ and European youth together. On Saturday, they joined forces with “I love hiking – group Macedonia”.

Almost a hundred volunteers and youth activists came to the meeting place at the Railway Station from where JSP – Skopje provided free transportation to Kozjak, while the trucks of PE “Communal Hygiene” collected garbage bags and took them to a landfill. The action was also supported by Public Room, AlgaSan, Maja, Vitalia and Dobra Voda.

За почиста Македонија” (“For a cleaner Macedonia”) announces new actions in the next period.