Kisela Voda deepens the cooperation with civil society

The main objective of the strategy will be the promotion of cooperation with the municipal sector through involvement of NGOs in the work of local government in the process of creating municipal strategies and in making decisions and solving urgent problems of citizens at local level. In the process of preparing the strategy will respect the values and capacities of civil society, and this strategy will allow increasing the transparency of the municipality, and the increasing influence of citizens in the municipality. For preparation of the strategy will implement more activities, conducting analysis of opinion, needs and previous mechanisms of cooperation between the municipality Kisela Voda and civic organizations, conducting analysis of resource needs and opportunities of the municipality to implement the strategy, preparation of an Action Plan implementing the objectives of the strategy, organization of workshops that will be present all stakeholders, citizens, NGOs, representatives of municipal administration, preparation of final version of the strategy. The strategy will draw the Association for volunteerism – “Volunteers Centre Skopje”, in cooperation with the department for local government cooperation with NGOs in the municipality Kisela Voda. Published on Plusinfo and Kurir.