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EVS in VCS: Sanne

Name: Sanne
Country: The Netherlands
Dates of the Project: 05/11/2012- 05/07/2013
My name is Sanne and I’m from the Netherlands, more specifically from Groningen a city in the North. I decided to go on EVS because a friend of mine who was in Skopje two years ago recommended it to me. It seemed like a unique chance to escape everyday life for a while, meet new people and have a lot of new experiences. During my studies I travelled through Eastern Europe a lot, but somehow I never managed to visit the Balkan. Still I always had an ambivalent image of this place in my head; on the one hand a historic place of conflict and war and on the other a vibrant place with lots of color, music and dance. I think my time here will teach me how reality is. What attracted me about this service is that it is a great chance to improve my English writing skills as well as learning how to design a magazine and work in a team. On top of that I think it is great to meet and actually help the local children through the different projects VCS is involved in.