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Creative Writing as a tool for Community Change

With the training course ‘Creative Writing as Tool for Community Change’, we aim to increase competencies of youth workers and educators to explore ways of using creative writing as tool of addressing community issues and challenges and moreover as a tool giving an opportunity to the members of the community to express their concerns, ideas or to create a feeling of belonging to their communities.

We tried out several of the activities with our young people and their reaction made us motivated to create a training course giving us and our partners an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of creative writing.

We decided to focus on creative writing because we got inspired by the results of the strategic partnership project ‘Creative Learning Cookbook’ implemented with support of the Estonian National Agency. One of the key results of the project was a booklet of methods and techniques ‘Creative Writing Cookbook’:

We created a booklet “Creative writing as a tool for community change”:

And a video of the project in Struga: