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Closed embraces, open hearts – donations for Shutka.

In these difficult times that we are living, when the embraces are closed for people, the hearts are remaining still open. Volunteers Centre Skopje is supporting the Daycare Centre for street children in Shuto Orizari with food supplies and clothes. Donations, which are opening the hands waiting for help and lighting up the days of many children.

The colorful inside of centre, usually full of energetic kids, seemed so quiet this day. In normal times before pandemic the classroom is the space where the children do their homework with the help of teachers and volunteers, learn new things, play interactive games, but also where they can eat and take shower. Now, because of the situation that we are facing, in the classroom we can see few of the dozens desks, with the distance kept one from another and with ever present disinfectants. When we ask teachers, they say that they keep the centre still going, as much as the situation with global pandemic allows. Especially now, more than ever, the help from outside is needed. Children need food and clothes, also school supplies are very much welcomed. Besides material stuff, they also need attention and love, something that is easy to forget in the times of social distancing.

Volunteers Centre Skopje continues with helping vulnerable children with the heartwarming donations. On Friday we sent our team to bring the collected things, like food and clothes. With the closed doors but open hearts we were waiting for the Roma families to appear and take the things they need the most. It was a time of celebrating the end of Ramadan, so these days the people were visiting their closest ones. Also that was the reason of empty desks in the classroom – it was the day free of school and work. After short discussion between our volunteers and teachers from the centre first kids started to appear in company of their parents.

Priceless thing is to see the faces of those in need who received help, even in form of such small and simple for us things like a bottle of yoghurt, milk or a piece of bakery. Very often it is not much that you have to do to help someone. Maybe you have clothes that you don’t wear anymore but good enough to be donated? Maybe you can spend few denars to buy a pack of rice, pasta, a bottle of milk or yoghurt? One person donating one thing is already a big thing, because just imagine if the number of such people is ten, twenty or hundred. One person – one thing. Hundred people – hundred things. Care to donate. In the times of closed embraces open your heart.