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Call for a Youth Exchange in Serbia

Volunteers Centre Skopje is looking for 5 young people (18 – 30 years) and 1 youth leader (18+) from Macedonia who want to participate in the Youth Exchange “Turn on the brain and go circular”.

Place: Jazak, Serbia
Date: 31.7 – 8.8.2021

!! There might be possible changes regarding the project dates depending on the current situation with COVID-19 !!

About the project:

The Youth exchange aims to draw the attention of young people to the growing problem of environmental pollution by waste that we altogether generate, and thus affect the degradation of the quality of land, air, water and human health directly and indirectly and present an alternative in circular economy. It will focus on prevention of making waste as an easy step toward sustainable and healthy life, and promotion of European values. The youth exchange will increase participants’ awareness about other cultures, nations and habits. They will also improve their English language skills by working in an international environment. Each national group will include participants with fewer opportunities, some of them might leave their country for the first time. After the youth exchange young participants will share their experience about Erasmus+ programme and Youth Exchange with their peers.

More information: INFOPACK

Project partner: Environment Engineering Group (Serbia)

Technical details: The project is funded by Erasmus+. Accommodation and food will be provided. The transport will be organized by VCS.

How to apply?

  1. Send an e-mail to
  2. Write the project title in the subject title (eg. Application for “Turn on the brain and go circular“)
  3. Present yourself shortly and point out which project you are interested in
  4. Attach your CV in English
  5. Attach motivation letter in English, answering at least to the following questions:
    • Who are you ?
    • How old are you?
    • Why do you want to participate?
    • How do you want to contribute to the project?

Application deadline: 18/07/2021

The applicants will be informed after the deadline when the selection of the participants is final.