Ви објавуваме повик за 2 учесници на возраст од 18 до 27години со наслов: “BLUE WHALES ARE EVERYWHERE !” која ќе се одржи во периодот од 8 до 17 Мај 2018 во Сарата Монтеору, Романија.

Детали за проектот”BLUE WHALES ARE EVERYWHERE !” 

The context of the project is increasing of cases of electronic violence at all levels of age.

Aim of the project is to increase security of using social networks by youngsters 18-27 years old and rise their role and responsibility in prevent and eliminate electronic violence and its effects.

The objectives are :

-to provide to 35 youngsters and 8 group leaders from 8 countries a common space to reflect on cultural diversity and European cooperation based of European democratic principles

-to identify-main factors that influence security of social networks and the risks that iresponsible users are exposed to

-increase awareness of youngsters on physical,mental and social effects produced by discrimination,hate speech and electronic violence in social networks

-to stimulate youngsters creativity by nonformal education methods ( roleplay,theater,media and video creation ) for identifying solutions to fight against electronic violence and to promote a tolerant and respectful attitude in social networks

The methodology will be based on nonformal education and will consist in games ,presentations ,role plays and theater ,workshops,visual campaign,intercultural evenings

Forseen activities are for preparation,introduction and getting to know eachother,trust and team building,presentation of participants and organizations,introduction of Erasmus + programme and youthpass certificate,cultural and study visits in Buzau region.There will be 6 thematic  workshops where will be presented results of preparatory phase,there will be indentified causes and effects of electronic violence  and methods and solutions to reduce it.In the creative workshops will be prepared a visual campaign by produce videoclips,flyers and a guide ,3 forum theater plays ,all products being shared in the last day in Buzau together with local youngsters.

Доколку сте заинтересирани да бидете дел од овој проект ве замолуваме да ни испратите  ваша биографија(CV) на англиски јазик на нашата eмаил адреса: vcs_contact@yahoo.com  најдоцна до Вторник 24ти Април 2018год!

Во очекување сме на вашите пријави.

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