YE: Break the bricks! Youth for solidarity and respect in a common Europe

Intense dealing with the reasons, mechanisms and results of poverty and marginalization as xenophobia and racism tensions, as well as thinking and acting as responsible European citizen against these tendencies will help to overcome discrimination and exclusion sustainably. The planned activities were encouraging young people’s awareness and commitment to tackle these issues for a more inclusive society – in their home communities as well as on European level. By various creative workshops, discussions and practical activities young people took own initiative and share their experiences, discuss different opinions with other young people, reflect own positions and benefit from the knowledge of other participants. That led to a public street action day where the results of the mutual cooperation were presented to the public. YE: Break the bricks, Ključ , Bosna 2012  was one of my greatest experiences. I can honestly say that it was very good organized, the host organization made sure that everything was according to the schedule and that every participant is included. The participants and their leaders were highly motivated and were able to contribute whit their knowledge and experiences as well as their group members, which contributed in making this project a great success.  Congratulations to all participants and organizations who were involved in this project especially to the host organization. I would really like to participate in something like this again and that everybody is pleased with the outcome. Martina Lozanoska, participant of youth exchange  “Break the bricks! Youth for solidarity and respect in a common Europe”, 21.09. – 30.09.2012, Ključ, Bosnia-Herzegovina