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Woman for the planet

The goal of this training course was to gather 30 participants from 13 different countries and to educate them informally with knowledge and skills to work in the field of gender imbalance in the society and in the workplace. We learn how to act in community as a leader, how to communicate with other people in non violent way, and always to care about your feeling and needs. As a young person and volunteer we learn how to promote sustainable development in our community, focus on  social, economical and  environmental issues.   As a women, from this training course we learn how to express our feeling, how to develop our leadership skills and how to eliminate the discrimination on the basis of gender, about environmental  issues and climate change. The most interesting part was Yoga session combined with vegetarian food. That session was designed to connect all participants, to think as a union occurring between body, mind and spirit. Through stretching, strengthening and breathing techniques, the Yoga practice creates a more relaxed and resilient attitude, about your problems, to feel that in which part of your body exist. The training course Woman for the planet I will remember as a combination of non-formal education, yoga session, healthy food and refreshment in the beautiful nature. Written by: Monika Ashtalkoska