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Voices March 2018

When YouTube celebrated ten years in 2015, it is less surprising that the most viewed video on this probably the most popular platform in the world is “Gangam Style” of the South Korean sensation Psy. A little known to the European and American continent, now the 41-year-old planetary star quickly infected the millions of fans around the world. Although his star began to fall, thanks to him, we became acquainted with Korean culture.
But how much do we really know about her? In the new issue of „Voices“, find out how the entertainment industry in South Korea works, which is increasingly becoming an alternative to American show business. We have read the review of the Olympic Games just held in South Korea, read about the puppet theater in Turkey, the diversity of Belgium, how to be a DJ, about veganism and vegetarianism, actress Sara Klimovska, how the biggest music hits has birth, for ballet …