You are currently viewing “Sprechen Sie Deutsch?” – German Conversation Classes at VCS

“Sprechen Sie Deutsch?” – German Conversation Classes at VCS

The German volunteers from VCS are hosting weekly German Conversation Classes now. A warm invitation to join!


Hey there! We are Chris and Clarissa and we are volunteers for VCS. When we came to Macedonia we were surprised by the large German learning community. A part of our work is the creation of workshops. Since we saw an interest in the German language we used the opportunity to host Conversational Classes on Zoom.

They are a mix of energizers, get to know each other games and casual exchange.

Often we are an international group. Apart from Macedonians we had native Germans, Austrians, Greek and Scottish people joining us.

The level of the participants is quite impressing – they reached a high level through school classes and independent learning. If you want to join us you can sign up here and we’ll send you the link per e-mail:

We are hosting them every Wednesday at 7pm on Zoom.