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Project: Building Bridges – A+ Performance

Traditionally VCS is continuing with its mission to present  volunteering and Macedonian culture. This time our station was Arad, a city in the north-west Romania, candidate for European Cultural capital 2021 and a city that is well known as “little Vienna” because of the architecture which is of cultural heritage. Is it possible to gather in one place Macedonians, Greeks, Turkish, Armenians, Romanians and Italians without making any incidents ? If you answered secretly “NO” then trust me you did it wrong. We, the youth succeeded to overthrow the prejudices that were confronting us and we built a bridge of friendship.
The aim of our going to Romania was through interactive sessions to find out more about those that are somehow  involved in our activities whom we know as “stakeholders” . Modern technology made its own, many of the tasks we presented by using pictures, videos and music, transferring the knowledge in an interesting way but still keeping  everyone’s attention. The contacts, the good moments and some souvenirs are just a part of the stuffs that we took home as a memory of the good 10 days spent in Romania. Mihajlo Donev (10-21.01 Arad,RO)