My first radio experience

We had 20 minutes review and speech on the radio; together with my friend and coordinator Gjoko Vukanovski about the program of the European Commission called “ERASMUS +”,  which contains almost the same actions and activities from the last program for young people, called Youth In Action. This Erasmus + contains 7 different subparts containing student, volunteer, or working programs of exchanges abroad.

For French guy living and working abroad, shy and inexperienced in media communication as me, was nearly a huge feat to succeed telling my story as EVS and French Civil Service volunteer on radio. Thanks to Gjoko who helped me with translation and encourages over passing this moment, I succeed after few stuttering to tell about my experience as volunteer in Skopje, the activities and workshops that I am participating at and what positives things did it bring to me. I feel happy and a bit proud now that I managed to give some information that I hope might be useful for some of you and maybe give you the tempt to volunteer or at least to keep being active because, and I’m going to end with this, life is too short to undergo it, you must live it.

Robin Sarels