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Call for writers, share your stories!

Quarantine, which we are all experiencing together worldwide, how does it look like in different countries? VOICES magazine is starting a series of articles “Life at home – quarantine all over the world”. Share your stories with us!

You can write from anywhere in the world, we don’t require a professional background. We want to share personal stories about how you are spending your time, what are the regulations in your country, how does it make you feel – from any point of view!

The articles will be published on VOICES magazine web page where they can be shared and anyone can read them. Let’s spread positivity, tips, and interesting stories worldwide.

Write a story in English from your life in quarantine and send it to us at The length can vary from a few sentences to a one-page story. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

VOICES is a monthly magazine for all young people around the world and it is a project of Volunteers Centre Skopje, created by ESC volunteers with the support of Erasmus+ program.