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Let’s make the “right(s)” communication

The project aims to develop competencies of youth workers in area of human rights and media. Through the training course the participants will develop their knowledge of human rights values and special focus to be paid to children and youth rights. After, the participants will have an opportunity to develop their competencies to use various media (traditional and social one) in raising awareness of wider population on children rights issues. Final outputs of the training course will be several media product that will be disseminate by the participants and participating organizations with goal to point out attention of the public to protection of the most vulnerable ones. Besides working on exploring human rights issues and developing media competencies, the training course will be also an opportunity for the participants to strengthen their knowledge of Erasmus + . Participants on this project are youth workers and leaders, young people with strong interest to develop their social media competencies and abilities, as tool to increase sensitization about human rights. There is 30 participants coming from Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Latvia, Slovakia, Spain and the host Macedonia This project is implemented with the support of Erasmus + program.