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Donations from heart – Daycare Centre for street children

In these times of different challenges, when the new reality I created under the influence of COVID-19 pandemic, Volunteers Centre Skopje continues performing their working tasks and activities, collaborations with the partners. Although the majority is postponed, put on hold, yet there are some that have the priority like support of those who need it most, finding a way to help and assist, to show the corporative and social responsibility. Our team is always happy whenever there`s an opportunity for collaboration and visit of the Daily Care center for street children in Shuto Orizari, that we have a long history of excellent partnership on local and international projects, support and coordination with foreign ESC volunteers.

Today`s visit was about donation in clothes, food and hygiene products, some basic necessities for the kids of the Daily center, within our capabilities. They welcomed us warmly; curious as ever, ready for conversations and we gave our best to answer all those questions they “bombed” us with. In our long-term experience and work with kids, we just know that we always have to have the proper answer, to indulge their curiosity.

So we thank you for your warm reception and the pleasure to be among you all. The happiness we saw in your pure, innocent hearts is worth more than anything else.