We are implementing various projects every year, from local cooperation with different organizations to international projects with our partners around Europe.

We work with European Solidarity Corps, Erasmus+, VET and French Civic Service programmes, and different funding possibilities in Macedonia. Workshops are part of our activities as well, our volunteers are eager to get to know the youth in Macedonia! Want to cooperate with us? Call, e-mail, visit, we are open to many types of cooperation.

Current projects

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Skopje SOUP
Crowdfunding from the community to the community to create a better society together.
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Dali 4 Youth
Improving youth work through digital art.
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Youth participation towards strong and sustainable community development
Improving the quality of youth policy implantation based on structural cooperation and substantial participation of networked civil society.
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SMART Balkans
Action for girls rights to equality, peace and security.
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Fewer Opportunities Re-thinking Z to A
Digital educational tools for youth workers.
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To valorize existing needs and expectations on mentoring in the youth sector
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Re-inventing Community radio in the Smartphone Era
Promotes community radio as a platform for the voice of the youth.
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Keep Dreaming
Through this project, we want to promote mental health awareness among young people
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Interested to volunteer in our organization in Macedonia?

We are hosting international volunteers through different programs, such as European Solidarity Corps, French Civic Service, VET programme, and different internships in Europe. Join the ride!

Creating VOICES magazine

Writing articles, doing research, having interviews, designing the magazine, making podcasts... You'll be one of the editors of VOICES!

Projects & Workshops

Promoting voluntarism, writing and implementing projects, using non-formal education methods with workshops for high schoolers. The sky is the limit with project ideas!

Online competences

Working on social media channels, creating content and design, making videos and promo materials. Wanna create funny content on TikTok or quizzes on Instagram?

Working with children

Projects in Daycare Centre for street children and in an elementary school for children with special needs. You'll be involved with daily activities and helping the children.


Organizing different events for the local youth like karaoke parties, movie nights, pub quizzes, cultural nights... Because we must have fun on the way.

Past Projects