Towards Effective Humanitarian Volunteering (TEHV)

Rationale, general and specific objectives:

The relevance of the project and the call resides in the frame of selected activities. The objective of the project “Towards Effective Humanitarian Volunteering” (TEHV) is to build capacities of 7 organizations from Non-EU countries, specifically from the Caucasus, the Western Balkans and different areas of Asia. The capacities of these organizations will be built and reinforced in terms of certification, dissemination, preparedness and the ability to respond to humanitarian crises and effective and sustainable volunteers management.

We seek to strengthen the capacity and resilience of vulnerable and/or disaster-affected communities in the Non-EU countries. It also aims to improve opportunities for EU citizens to participate in humanitarian aid activities and operations through volunteering

1.Certification of sending and hosting organization
The goal is to support non-EU project partners in elaborating tools necessary for obtaining EU Aid Volunteers certification or other EU volunteering certifications. Non-certified organizations will have a chance to elaborate these tools during the first two capacity building trainings.

2.Capacity Building for hosting organizations
The goal is to boost the capacity and resilience of vulnerable and/or disaster-affected communities in 3rd countries by enabling the skills countries organizations involved in the project. Indeed, the ongoing training activities reinforce 3rd countries’ organizations in local and international volunteering management.

All the sending organizations have proven and relevant experience in humanitarian aid and volunteers management. All sending organizations have more than 5 years of experience in deploying international volunteers to Non-EU countries. Both EU and non-EU organizations are involved in the project with relevant skills in hosting international volunteer.

We expect to successfully implement this Capacity building project and that all partners who will apply for the certification will also obtain it. We intend to participate with all the involved partners (EU partners as sending organizations and Non-EU countries organizations as hosting organizations) in a deployment project that will allow expert and junior volunteers from France, Czech Republic, and Slovakia to support our partners in the Balkans, Caucasia, Central Asia, Middle East, and South-Eat Asia in humanitarian aid context. The project has aims to foster young people from the Czech Republic and Slovakia to get involved in EU Aid Volunteers, as the ratio of volunteers from these two countries is very low.

EU partners