Be part of your community.

Do you want to spend your free time helping others and contributing to your community? Do you like writing or taking care of children? Maybe you are more into cleaning actions and environmental issues. We have several activities you can join, check it out!

VOICES magazine

The mission of VOICES is simple – to engage young people. And how do we do that? We encourage young people to take an active part in today’s society through journalism and designing by giving them a platform to express themselves. Write for us!

Activities with children

Are you an energetic yet attentive person? Do you like working with children? Come and help us support two institutions: the Daycare Centre for street children in Shuto Orizari and the elementary school for children with special needs POU Zlatan Sremec. We are waiting for you! Learn more.

Eco Actions

Do you think it is important to raise awareness about trashing and recycling? Want to see less garbage in nature? Come and make a difference with us! Besides recycling in cooperation with Pakomak and Elkolekt, we also organize cleaning actions with Za Pochista Makedonija. We care about the environment – what about you? …read more

Different Events

Fun is part of our work as well – would you like to design a pub quiz with our volunteers or help out organizing a language karaoke? Maybe you have some of your favorite board games to bring to our game nights? Check out the events we do below and join us!

Have fun with us!

Since not everything is hard work and we need to relax and have a good time, check our event calendar and come have fun with us. Bring your friends and join our musical events, pub quizzes and more!

Open Stage

Want to show your musical talents or enjoy some nice live music? Don’t miss the opportunity to see local artists perform and make unexpected and improvised collaborations! You don’t have a lot of musical experience? Do not fear, the stage is open for all performances. Bring your friends and join us at Beertija Pub!

Language Karaoke

We upgraded the already-great-Karaoke to make it even more fun and intercultural: Language Karaoke! Whether you sound like an angel or fingernails on a chalkboard, we invite you to come and try to sing along to different languages. Leave the shyness at home and enjoy the opportunity to meet new people and other cultures!

Pub Quiz

Whoever said knowledge doesn’t go hand in hand with Pubs and drinks, clearly never came to our Pub Quizzes. Want to learn more and meet new people with a beer in your hand? Choose your fighters and come to test your brain at Beertija Pub!

Game Nights

Nostalgic about your childhood? Missing playing board games with family or friends? With our partner American Corner Skopje, we invite you to set free the child inside of you with our game night. Clue, Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, you name it. Come and join us! P.S.: Feel free to bring your own games.

Movie Nights

Who doesn’t love to go to the movies? A movie is always a good idea, right? But maybe you’re tired of the overpriced snacks, you don’t like the newest releases or you don’t have anybody to go with. We have the solution! Join us for a themed movie night while making friends. The popcorn will be waiting for you!

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