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VOICES October 2021

Longer evenings and colder nights remind us that it’s already autumn outside. For many, it is a time when energy diminishes and the mood comes for activities that do not necessarily bring such joy during the summer. Who wants to sit under the blanket watching a sad movie when you can spend this time actively with friends going to places you’ve always dreamt of? That’s about the summer. Now it’s time to welcome the new season.

Together with colourful leaves, rain and mood for a warm tea, we look at what can be done in spare time. In this edition, we were able to talk to people whose passion can be described as artistic. What is it like to play a role in one of the Netflix series? How can you turn your interest in photography into something that can change other people’s lives?

Looking at what we see on the screen every day, we do not forget about what surrounds us. We remember our short trips, including Kokino, which turned out to be full of many fascinating adventures. We also check Macedonian banking just in case if we have some money left from these holidays. Autumn makes us sentimental, so we can take care of family traditions, as some families in Macedonia do by creating handmade jewelry called filigree.

The new edition of Voices reminds us that even if summer is gone, we still can find many reasons to smile. We hope that this edition will bring you hope and motivation to start or continue your ideas. Enjoy your reading!

Anna Marek

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