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VOICES November 2020

Don’t you think happiness should be found on every leaf of the Tree of life? Our team recently grew up, as we happily welcomed new volunteers along with their enthusiasm and refreshing writing talents. Are you up for traveling the world and the seven seas? We will make you travel far away, to beautifully diverse Indonesia. Then, we explain the backstage of the sales and other kinds of Black Fridays as we bring the dirty reality of the fashion industry into the spotlight.

Once you are more aware of the consequence of being trendy, board a spaceship to discover the possibilities of life on Venus… Back on Earth, young activists from Skopje are striving for a cleaner Macedonia and somewhere in Africa, the great green wall of trees is rising. Let’s go to see beyond the tough weather of the United Kingdom and have an insight into a pretty long life journey to magnificent Tuscany. Or should you travel to the dream world instead? And when you return to reality, you can learn more about the passion for languages, socialization across Europe and about one very important figure from the United States that inspired many girls in the world.

So much to discover… We hope that this November journey will be enlightening and inspiring and that somewhere on the way through the next pages you will meet the happiness.

Voices team

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