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Building up a human(itarian)

Volunteers Center Skopje continues with the activities connected to the TEHV project. With the knowledge acquired from the training of the organizers (ADRA SK, ADICE) we have continued toward practical implementation of the methods and tools necessary for building the VCS capacities and toward harmonization of the existing policies according to the standards of the EU Aid Volunteers. In this process, we have the active and continuous help and mentorship from ADRA SK, ADICE, and we cooperate with several organizations from different countries with which we exchange experience and knowledge. The certification for EU Aid Volunteers will raise the level of the VCS working capacities and will put it on the map of organizations that are capable and ready to be hosts of EU Aid Volunteers from all over Europe, and include them in practical projects in the country. With this project, VCS continues its active participation in humanitarian actions and projects wherever there is a need, and through practical activities, as well as through training, it raises the awareness for humanism of the young people and all those who have a desire for volunteering and helping.