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VOICES January 2021

It seems that 2020 was a never-ending era but it also feels like we closed our eyes in March and now it’s 2021 already. However, now it’s not the time to see the bad – only the good.

“New Year, new me”, right? It’s curious how hyped people are to celebrate another lap around the sun and how powerful it can be to change mentalities. January is usually one of the most productive months, for the year has just begun and you have a blank page in front of you to do as you please. Want to be fit and start exercising? “I’ll start in January”. Want to read all those (now dusty) books you have on the shelf? “The beginning of the year seems perfect”. Want to finally learn another language? “Oui oui, janvier est le meilleur mois.”

It might have been a period full of uncertainty and anxiety, without kisses, hugs, and holidays as we once knew. But it surely also had its share of personal growth and new perspectives. We learned how to enjoy more the little moments and to not take them for granted, how protecting ourselves also means protecting others, how it’s in the hard times that we evolve and flourish (even when it doesn’t feel like it).

Everybody is hopeful that “this year will be the one” but they fail to realize that every year is the one. We hope you enjoy this Voices edition and the yellow and grey year to come at its fullest.

Rute Cardoso

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