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Step towards cooperation, understanding, tolerance and empowerment

Greetings from Struga, where the Youth Exchange CUTE 2019 is in full swing. CUTE stands for Cooperate, Understand, Tolerate and Empower. The aim of the exchange is to help the participants grow in all four of these aspects. The participants had a few days full of workshops and activities to prepare them for the main part – giving back to the community. In the moment they develop their own mini-projects to give back to the local community in Struga. Today they went into the neighbourhood and implemented their ideas. For example a beach clean up, free hugs and an art questionnaire. And of course there is also time to have fun and explore the surroundings. For example during a day trip to Ohrid and St. Naum, which was a little rainy but nonetheless fun. On Saturday will be the second excursion to Vevčani where the participants will work on media products. The youth exchange is successful with overall good work by the participants and many new friendships flourishing between them.