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Fight hate speech with us!

Looking for 1 Macedonian youth worker


Between 1st and 9th of September the last part of the project “No Hate Speech: Methods and Techniques Combating Hate Speech” will take place in Braga, Portugal.

It is a project that focuses on raising competencies of youth workers and organizations to effectively fight social exclusion, discrimination and hate speech, to understand when someone is discriminated and speak up against it.

The first part of this project happened in Struga, Macedonia in April this year. During the seminar in Braga, more methods and tools to fight hate speech will be introduced, new connections and partnerships made, working on results that can be shared with the wider public and can help society be a better place for each one of us.

This seminar will gather 30 people, to work together against exclusion and all wrongdoings. It will gather 30 people that will be able to support each other, share good practices in their respective countries and create a network that will continue what “No Hate Movement” started.


If you feel like you are someone that is ready to join the good cause, send your CV and motivational letter (in English) until 23rd of July to:

The motivation letter should at least answer the following questions:

-Who are you?

-How old are you?

-Why do you want to contribute?

-How can you contribute to this project?