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Running will change you: Skopje Marathon

Sunny weather, the spirit of friendly rivalry, motivated runners, and a unique and fun atmospherethe 3rd of October was Marathon Day in Skopje. This Sunday the central streets of the capital were shut down for the annual sports event. For a few hours, athletes from Macedonia but also other parts of the world came to run 5, 21, or 42 kilometers. Where help is needed, our VCS team is happy to join! 

Volunteering during running events is an opportunity to acquire new skills, meet extraordinary people and spend free time actively. Our volunteers from VCS handed out water and bananas for the ambitious runners. “We’ve never screamed “Ajde!” so many times in our lives!” says Jolanta. There was music, dances and a lot of positive energy. 

Also, our Polish volunteer Ana successfully participated in a half-marathon. “It was my first half-marathon that I ran with other people.”, tells Ana. “Unfortunately, there were not too many supporters on the streets. But knowing that my friends from VCS will be on a stand gave me motivation.” Having crowds cheering on marathoners can really give a boost. So hopefully next time you will join us. Ajde!  

Clarissa Leute
Jolanta Ciopcińska
Photos:Elena Deskovska