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Call for volunteers from Finland to Macedonia!

Volunteer Centre Skopje is looking for 18-30 year old volunteers from Finland to participate in the European Solidarity Corps project “Exchanging VOICES for intercultural learning”.

Place: Skopje, Macedonia
Date: Starts from January 2022 (12 months) or January 2022 (1-2 months)

! There might be possible changes regarding the project dates depending on the current situation with COVID-19 !

Volunteers Centre Skopje is an organization working on Youth and Erasmus+ projects. The main goal of the organization is to give non-formal educational possibilities to young people, in different fields, at a local and international level. Tasks of the volunteer are to work on the Youth Magazine VOICES (writing articles, making interviews, designing the magazine, planning each edition), maintaining social media and creating content, workshops in high schools and in the office, organizing local events (karaoke, game nights, quiz nights), promoting volunteering and youth possibilities. There’s also a possibility to visit the Daycare Centre for street children or an elementary school for children with special needs. Your fresh ideas are more than welcomed as well!

For more information check out the Infopack!

Sending organization from Finland: Allianssinuorisovaihto

Technical Details:
The project is funded by ERASMUS+, so all travel costs (up to 360 Euros) will be reimbursed according to ERASMUS+ regulations. Accommodation, insurance, food and pocket money will be provided.

How to apply?

  1. Send an e-mail to
  2. Write the project title in the subject line (eg. Volunteer from Finland to Macedonia “VOICES magazine”)
  3. Present yourself shortly
  4. Attach your CV in English
  5. Attach motivation letter in English, answering at least to the following questions
    • Who are you?
    • How old are you?
    • Why do you want to participate?
    • How do you want to contribute to the project?

Application deadline: As soon as possible!