You are currently viewing “Living library: where the books becoming alive” – An experience that everyone must experience

“Living library: where the books becoming alive” – An experience that everyone must experience

Volunteers Centrе Skopje participated in youth exchange “Living library: where the books becoming alive” in Marmaris, Turkey that happened from 25.09 to 03.10 with 5 participants and 1 team leader. Through variety of workshops they had the chance to learn about the main topic of the project “What is Living Library method?” and “How the books are becoming alive?”. They had a chance to socialize and work with other people while sharing their opinions and building a safely environment. Macedonian team had to do a presentation about Erasmus+ and YouthPass and to explain to other participants about it. Beside the team from Macedonia there were other countries such as The Netherlands, Spain, Bulgaira, Romania and Turkey working all together on different topics of how to make the society more inclusive and less discriminative about people with other abilities. Hosting organization also held them a chance to spend some free time at the sea and explore the beautiful side coast of the region Mugla and get closer with other participants. Some of the participants shared their personal experience about the project in the following article:

As my first project, I didn’t know what to expect but this definitely exceeded everyone’s expectations. The organization was so professional, yet so friendly and helpful. The theme of the project, “Living library” was easily implemented because of meeting a lot of new people from around Europe. The discussions we had during the project were one of the most intellectual and mentally challenging things I’ve witnessed with young people. Prejudice and discrimination were only topics of workshops. All in all, 8 days of logging out of everything, having fun, learning, meeting new people and widen my horizons. – Nela Pesovska

Since this was my first project of this type, I had some serious challenges ahead of me and there was also a certain amount of fear about adjusting to such a large number of strangers. But actually, quite the opposite happened and since the beginning of the trip with my team, things started turning out great. I spent every day of the projects having fun, learning and dancing and laughing all the time. We were welcomed and treated the best way possible by the organizers. As for the participants, I can confirm that each one of them influenced my life in a different way. Apart from learning that we are all completely different, but still the same and that we all deserve the same treatment and respect, I also learned that even a stranger can affect me if he proves to be a good person. I can say that this experience turned out to be even better than I expected and that after this week I am definitely becoming a new person with even bigger motivation to work on themselves. And of course, as the greatest advantage from this project – now I have an international family. – Ruzica Stojanovska

The whole Erasmus experience is a great opportunity to me. Being a volunteer and going on projects helped me gain values that could not be experienced in everyday life. Going to Turkey was an amazing decision. From the beginning until the very end the whole week was incredible. I got the chance to spend quality time there and to meet wonderful people with whom we did different workshops and presentation, but among that we get the opportunity to get to know more about each other and our countries. Now looking back at the experience i can say that I will remember the project by the skills I have developed and the people i have met, because that’s what the whole Erasmus experience is about. – Nevena Kimova

Every Erasmus+ project is special, but this one to me was the most special one because for the first time I had the chance to represent my team and country as a Team group leader. The topics we had explored raised awareness in my thought to see differently about some things on life. Sharing my thoughts with people from different countries and different social background made me a better person and person without prejudices and they made me won my fear of unknown. I want to encourage everyone who is doubting to do an Erasmus+ project, to do it, because it will give you the best experience in your life. There is no better felling in life to help those who needs help and in return to receive their happiness and gratefulness. As Elizabeth Andrew said “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart”. – David Stoilkovski

Ruzica Stojanovska
Nela Pesovska
Nevena Kimova
Sunaj Ajdini
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