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From France to Macedonia again – welcome back, Hugo!

Hi again!

I’m Hugo, former short-term ESC volunteer in VCS. I’m 19 now and I used to live in a small village in the Western part of France. After spending two months in Macedonia this year, I came back for 11 months! The job suits me very well, the people are fantastic and I missed Macedonia very much.

Now I’m back at it, and I’m still (maybe even more) determined to provide the best for the magazine Voices and the community here. Some things just feel right and being here is one of them.

During these months, I hope that I will learn more about the Macedonian language and traditions as well as develop myself personally and professionally.

I want to thank Eurocircle for giving me the opportunity to be a volunteer and I also want to thank VCS for everything they’ve done for me here.

Чао чао!

Hugo Lhomedet