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Warm welcome to Tamina from Germany!


My name is Tamina and I’m an 18-year-old from Hamburg, Germany. I’m interested in literature, politics, history and arts! I appreciate a nice cappuccino after a visit to the museum and I am the owner of two budgies (if you’re looking for more fun facts).

I have been doing volunteer work in my city since high school and always had great fun when working with children and youth. So when I finally graduated I was more than excited to volunteer with other young people abroad.

After a confusing Visa process and about a month late I finally arrived in Skopje! Arriving in Macedonia, a country I’ve never heard of before looking into volunteering, was just as stressful as exciting. Luckily with the rainy weather, I already felt at home.

In those 23 hours I’ve been here, I already met super nice people and explored a tiny bit of the city.

I’m already thrilled to spend the next year working on different projects, meeting new people and getting to know more about the Macedonian culture. Hopefully, I’ll pick up some Macedonian too.

Much love,
Tamina Schulze