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VOICES April 2024

With April being the second month of spring, flowers start blooming and trees start turning green. Mother nature slowly but surely comes back to life as plant buds open. That’s also how the name of the month April came about, because in Latin ‘aperire’ means ‘to open’. April is the month of the birth of flowers daisy and sweet peas. It’s also the month in which we bring awareness to autism and celebrate Art Day, Health Day, and Poetry Month. 

In honor of poetry month, here’s a poem I wrote…

a love letter to April.

the fourth month of the year

the second month of spring

where flowers reappear

and birds start to sing

the sun comes into sight

there are colors all around

and with those stars in the night

I feel safe and sound

you allow me to thrive

I no longer need to pretend

you make me feel alive

I feel so free again

your beauty is so divine

a true work of art

your tones are so benign

April, you have my heart


Tara Richardson

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