World Children’s Day

Children are our future and fortune. We need to take good care of them in order to create better World for living for us, for them, for everybody else. Today – 20 November – is the World Children’s Day to honor children globally. It was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1954, and established to encourage all countries to institute a day, firstly to promote mutual exchange and understanding among children and secondly to initiate action to benefit and promote the welfare of the world’s children. On November 20, 1959 the United Nations adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. On the same date in 1989 The United Nations adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Volunteers Centre Skopje supports the organizations which are working with children with different background like Defence for Children Rights by helping them in realization of their workshops in the Daycare center for children from street, as well the Center for Social Initiatives “Nadez”, both in Shuto Orizari. Also, as member of the Coalition of Youth organizations SEGA, we were part of their project “Alternative report for the respect of the children’s rights in Macedonia”, implemented under the framework and in coordination with the office of UNICEF in Skopje. We remind all adults that children are vulnerable group of the society. They need special care and assistance by adults. They are equal members of each family and they have their own rights which need to be respected.