You are currently viewing Welcome to VCS for our new Spanish trio: Andrea, Miguel, and Elena!

Welcome to VCS for our new Spanish trio: Andrea, Miguel, and Elena!

On Sunday afternoon, three students from Spain crossed the sky and landed in Skopje. Our new friends will have the opportunity to work in the sports center “Moj Trener” and travel agency “Arbotravel” in frames of the “Erasmus+” – Vocational education and training (VET) program. Volunteers Centre Skopje is happy to be their host organization.

How did their first day in the new country look like? VCS welcome team couldn’t wait until Monday to meet them, so we took them for a short walk to the center in the evening. We showed them our beautiful city and shared all the tips on how quickly feel like a local.

What did they tell us about themselves? Let’s get to know Andrea, Miguel, and Elena:

Andrea, 21

Andrea is from Barcelona. She does her degree in Tourism. In Skopje, she will work at the Travel Agency “Arbo” for two months. Andrea thinks that this internship will give her an excellent opportunity to reach her dream of becoming a Flight Attendant. What does she do in her free time? You can find her Bollywood dancing and riding a horse. Andrea wanted to come to Macedonia because she likes to try new things. This is her first time abroad for such a long time. Her first impression of Skopje? “There are so many statues everywhere.” Andrea hopes that this opportunity will give her a new and fantastic experience and tons of memories. She also hopes that she can grow as a person, improve her language skills, visit places, and eat traditional food.

Miguel, 22

Miguel is from Logroño and came to Skopje for three months. He studies Physical Education at the university. During his VET experience, Miguel will work at the sports center “Moj Trener”. For the previous three summers, he worked as a lifeguard. He likes to watch TV series, do sports, dance, or listen to music in his free time. His favorite shows are Prison Break, The 100, and Game of Thrones. Why did he choose Macedonia? Balkans, especially Macedonia, caught his attention a long time ago. Before this trip, Miguel has been in Italy for two weeks. He thinks that Skopje is a different city from the rest of the ones he has seen. He already feels at home here. Miguel hopes to meet new people, see many places in the Balkan countries and experience new cultures.

Elena, 27

Elena as her brother Miguel is from Logroño. She studies Physical Education. In the future, Elena wants to work at the gym. Here in Skopje, she will do her internship at the sports center “Moj Trener” for three months. In her free time, Elena likes to dance, play basketball and meet with her friends. Elena loves to explore new places, so she didn’t hesitate before accepting the offer to come to Macedonia. Even if it is her first long-term stay in another country and Skopje is much different than her hometown, she is excited to travel, meet new people and cultures and gain incredible experience at work.