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Welcome to Nourada from France


My name is Nour, I’m 20 years old and I come from Marseille, France.

This project in Macedonia is part of my studies. The aim is to improve my English skills, which are not really bad but I’m better at writing English than speaking it.

I love to travel, this is my first time in a Balkan country and I can’t wait to visit the surrounding cities and countries. I chose to come to Macedonia because of the mission : writing for a magazine is such a good thing because I love to read and write, so it’s the perfect project for me!

I enjoy traveling alone a lot because it allows me to discover myself while discovering other countries. It’s my first volunteering experience (and not the last), so I want to enjoy it to the fullest. I’ve been here for one week and I truly feel welcomed by everyone!

Apart from all of that, I love to meet new people but at the same time, I’m a solitary person (that’s a bit contradictory lol but that’s what makes my personality). I like to spend time at home, read, cook and listen to music.

Nourada Chaffaï