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Meet Joaquim, our new volunteer from France


My name is Joaquim, I’m 19 and I come from France. I’ve lived in France since I was born, but I’ve traveled a lot during my childhood. I’ve already been to Greece and Slovenia but when I arrived in Macedonia, I discovered a very different country. This applies to both the landscapes and the urban organization.

In France, I live in a small town called Flassan, near Avignon, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Alps. In my free time, I love to watch movies and listen to music. In the city where I live, I also have the habit of playing football in the afternoon then going to the bar in the evening. I’ve started a Bachelor’s degree in Political Sciences in Paris at the beginning of the year but it didn’t suit me so I will start real estate studies next September.

I wanted to try something very different before restarting my studies. I really needed to travel again after the Covid-19 crisis, so volunteering was the first idea which came to my mind. I think it’s one of the best ways to travel when you’re young because in addition to traveling in a foreign country, you have the opportunity to meet a lot of people from different regions of the world.

This enables you to improve your autonomy and your level of English. That’s what I’ve experienced the first minutes I arrived in VCS. Everybody is so welcoming that you feel safe and comfortable as soon as you arrive in the center, even if, as I was, you’re not the most sociable person.


Joaquim Renaud