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Augustin, France

Welcome to Augustin from France!

Hello, I’m Augustin, I’m 26 and I come from Marseille, in the south of France. I have joined Volunteers Centre Skopje for a French Civic Service mission. It’s my first foreign volunteering experience and I have chosen VCS and Macedonia for the wealth of the projects developed by the association.

I have studied public communication in the north of France, in Lille. I would like to have an experience abroad before starting to work. My objectives are: to meet new people and discover new cultures. To develop my skills in new fields. To visit Macedonia and the Balkans. To increase my English level, and above all, to feel useful and to participate in general interest projects.

I’m passionate about rap and electronic music, international actualities and geopolicy, cooking, food and beer. I also like to do hiking and running in nature. And of course, I love to travel and discover new countries.

My mission here will be to help teachers and educators in their work in Daycare centre for street children but also to participate in the redaction of VOICES magazine. I also hope to take part and create events for VCS.

To finish, I’m very glad to join the VCS family, to have the possibility to participate in its projects and to share many things with each other!

Augustin Magaud