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Meet Joachim from France!

Hi! My name is Joachim, I’m French, I’m 19 years old. I come from Saintes, a city near Bordeaux.

I came to Skopje to make a stage and organize the events at Ragusa360. I make music and I wanted to gain experience in the events. I have always made music and I want to make it my life. I’m not looking to be a musician but I would like to be able to work surrounded by music so I decided to get into event organization. I then got in touch with Goran and VCS who found me a springboard in my project. It is a chance for me to be here in Macedonia because I will be able to experience different aspects of events in a country other than my own in a family and welcoming atmosphere.

Before that I helped out voluntarily at several concerts, did an internship in a music school for the youngest, worked in the restaurant business and I did a series of odd jobs to make my money.

Today I’m here at VCS with all the volunteers. We make events, games, we go out together, share a lot of things and learn about our nationalities. That is so interesting to people like us. I will enjoy my travels and I know now that here everything is possible. If I have to conclude I will say the mindset is share, learn, enjoy and work!

I’m gonna stay here for 3 months in VCS through BAGAGE+ and the région Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

Joachim Lelong

Sending organization: Cercle de Qualité