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Welcome Soma, our new volunteer from Finland!


My name is Soma and I am coming from Finland. I will spend the next three weeks in this lovely country. Time is limited so I want to experience and do as much as I can. I am also very curious to discover the amazing nature and meet new people from different backgrounds. Life is full of choices and adventures. I am excited and can’t wait for what this wonderful land will give me. I think that volunteering is the best way to help people. I have done quite some volunteering work in my home country before but not volunteering abroad.

About myself, I have studied Tourism at a University of Applied Sciences in Finland and did my exchange studies last year in Austria, which was a wonderful experience! Before these studies, I have spent 8 months in Italy. There I had an Erasmus working experience project, learning the language, meeting amazing people and working in the tourism industry. In Finland I have continued working in hotels beside studies and this spring I have spent developing events at the Tampere Trade Fair. I am now graduating this month and will start working as a project manager at Trade Fairs and will do my own projects full time. But first I will enjoy this wonderful opportunity here in Skopje.

In my free time I love to do different activities, for example hiking, kayaking and swimming. I love to travel and learn new cultures and languages. I also love to meet new people and share stories about life. I like to go various events for example festivals. I am open-minded and happy to learn more and exited to have this experience here. Music and people inspire me and usually while traveling I am interested to live like the locals. This project inspired me, because I have the opportunity to help people and do something very useful. My project will be mostly in the Daily Center for Roma children in Shutka, can’t wait to meet them. I love children and hope that everyone can have the same rights and opportunities in life. I am happy if I can see smiles on children faces and do things that make them happy.

Soma Hartikainen