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Volunteering in Finland!

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Please find below the link to our website with information of current ESC vacancies. Interesting possibilities to volunteer 2-12 months in different parts of Finland from south to Lapland. Length of stay and project types vary, please read more and APPLY asap! 

Also there is a short term project:


14/07/2019 – 23/07/2019

18 – 30, 8 vols   CULT

Extra Fee 50.00 EUR

City :HUITTINEN     Nearest terminal :Huittiinen                                   


Huhtamo International Film Festival is organised by film enthusiasts´s association Elävien kuvien (Living Pictures Association) based in Huittinen. The aim of the association is to promote the film and media art in Huittinen, as well as to gather art enthusiasts and professionals for a cooperation. They want to provide a unique experience by combining country setting with interesting movies. Their theme is Slow living – Film loving. This is an unique festival of moving images, food and celebration of life. In this event people are invited to share their thoughts and stories. Huhtamo International Film Festival encourages us to stop and experience the life around you for a moment – to have a few laughs and enjoy a good movie in a great company. We are set to bring Huhtamo on the map, through the magic of movies. Welcome.


There will be a lot of different tasks. Everything starts with building and decorating the festival areas, then it follows with sales tasks from coffee to other refreshments, tickets and whatnot. If you know how to cook or possess other special skills, you will be more likely to take advantage of them. Guest guidance should be done as well and everyone should feel that they are warmly welcome at our event. The goal is to organize a cozy village part


It’s Huhtamo, not a Hilton. But experience is surely like no other. We provide simple accommodation probably in mattresses in the village school gyms, but also in the houses where possible. Those interested may also choose to camp at the campsite if they wish. And we highly recommend to try that even just for one day only if you don’t feel like a true survivor. It sure is a magical experience. Campers usually make their own food. But let’s see what we can come up together! The main aim is to source raw materials from local farms and producers as the area is filled with delicious organic products!


We are set to bring Huhtamo on the map, through the magic of movies. Welcome. Check our site at, and nice little after-movie of our festival:


Extra fee of 50 euros, Volunteers have to have their own travel insurance.