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Call for Volunteers D Festival 2019

In the true meaning of the festival spirit and its concept, music is the most important, but music is not everything! As an experience that in its best way promotes the positive values and the message of freedom, love, unity and equality, this concept is completely transmitted by the only summer open-air festival in Macedonia – D FESTIVAL! The new festival summer in Dojran will be held from 12th to 14th July, with more than 50 music performers, an ensemble of participants and special guests, gathering the numerous creators and enthusiasts in an unique creative association! Within its unique program concept, D FESTIVAL will host number of festivals, associations and organizations that are of national and international significance for Macedonia, which, besides the promotion of culture and art, promote tolerance, education of young people and represent an important foundation in building a system of values in our society.


In the true sense of its values,this year, D FESTIVAL will gather in one place the creative forces and everything that represents the positive creative energy in our society, above all, supporting, – the youth. Hundreds of artists, designers, creative workers, cultural associations, musicians, activists, volunteers and well-wishers participate in this joint mission of the D Festival, which will contribute to the unique festival experience. The cultural part of the program will take place in specially arranged zones, the Festival Square of Art “PloshtART” and “Active Fair” which will be the epicentre of the social activities of D FESTIVAL, within which, the visitors will have an opportunity to visit and take active participation in numerous events, panel discussions, film projections, workshops, lectures, various campaigns, project and recreational activities, competitions, exhibitions, art installations, gaming zone, multimedia presentations and many other contents that during the three festival days will create a unique festival city of the values promoted by D Festival and a place to exchange ideas, opinions, attitudes, creative energies and creative dialogues.

How to apply: Send your name, age and short motivation letter on


And, that is why, we need volunteers who will help with the construction of the CAMP AREA.

Start: 1st July 2019

Finish: 15th July 2019

What you can work:

  1. Area construction and teardown

Physical tasks include building fences, carrying heavy items, furnishing the festival area, cleaning and installing carpets etc. Tasks vary depending on whether they are before or after the festival.

  1. Stage construction and teardown

Physical tasks include tasks related to the building of festival stages. Tasks include carrying and lifting heavy items, putting together stage framework etc. Volunteers don’t do work that requires climbing tall stage structures. Tasks vary depending on whether they are before or after the festival.

  1. Landscape production

Landscape production (former area landscaping and decoration) includes all landscaping, furnishing and decoration of the festival area. Physical work consists for example of furnishing different areas, lifting and carrying heavy items, working with wood, creating wooden surfaces, painting. Tasks vary depending on the day but be prepared for physical and dirty work.

  1. – Cleaning and recycling – ECO PATROL

Tasks in cleaning vary depending on when you work. The most common task in all shifts is picking up trash from the festival area and recycling.


The organisation covers:
-Transport (Skopje-Dojran / Dojran-Skopje)
-Accommodation (before the festival the sleeping is in an apartment,
during the festival the sleeping is in a tent – that means, you need to bring your own tent and equipment)
-Festival ticket
-D Festival T-shirt

The working hours are from 08:00 in the morning, with break from 13:00 until 15:30, and until 21:00.