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Welcome Paul, our new volunteer from France!

Good morning everyone!

My name is Paul (Pol for close friends) and I come from France, the little city of Dijon.
I got my diploma in Literature and in addition, I have worked in different fields of activity: factory, farming, shop. However, what has changed me the most was doing civic service in a retirement home. I conquered there my desire to help, to learn, to meet new people and to be really who I am.

The one that I am appears to be a bit shy, at first but after a while, it is very ok. I try to be as open as possible, understanding and questioning myself all the time. I try to be as sincere as possible with myself, and the others. I learned playing piano all by myself, I am writing novels and poetry, I brew my own beer and I love animals and nature. I am trying to discover and love many things at once. That comes out from my creative part that owns me, but the other, crazy part is totally different.

I will be in VCS for two short months and I want to make them profitable: writing articles for sharing my ideas, to discover and harness my curiosity with my peers, learn and teach others, to try and to do it again. I have chosen VCS because I love to write and I would like to work with children. I have the chance to be able to discover a country, culture and people that I`ve never imagined one day to be on my agenda.

As a conclusion, just a comparison: in France, Dijon is well known as the capital of mustard, and it should be changed, as there`s a lot of other things to see. The same stereotype goes for Macedonia (Macedonia-fruit salad) as I believe there`s a lot to be discovered.

Paul Janiszewski