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Welcome Hamit!

Hello, my name is Hamit, I’m 22 years old and I come from Turkey. I am a university student. I took a break from my life in Turkey to focus more on volunteerism. I’m here to participate in volunteering project in VCS. I believe that being in this place it will be a very nice experience for me, that I will learn about different ideas and cultures to become a world citizen. Besides, I am leaving my country for the first time and I am very excited. All of my friends in VCS are helping me on my journey.

In my spare time, I love watching TV series and learning new things. I am also volunteering for non-governmental organizations. Where I live, I participate in the work of the Bursa City Council and Gürsu Municipality. The work we will do here will surely benefit someone. This motivates me a lot – I think that being able to touch people’s lives is the most important thing in this world. I will be here for 2 months. I’d love to improve myself in my skilss and have fun with my friends.

My life philosophy is always to look for more…

Hamit Durak